Neeli Cherkovski’s new forward for the expanded edition of his biography, Ferlinghetti, appears in the Brooklyn Rail. To read more please CLICK HERE!

Neeli Cherkovski’s new collection of poems, Hang On To the Yangtze River, will be published by Lithic Press in the fall of 2020.

The life of Charles Bukowski, laureate of lowlife Los Angeles, written by close friend and collaborator, Neeli Cherkovski. Forthcoming from Black Sparrow Press 2020.

This year marks Charles Bukowski’s centennial year and this one-of-a-kind biography is the closest readers will come to meeting the man himself—an unforgettable encounter no one should miss. Cherkovski shares intimate stories from his decades of personal experiences with Bukowski and brings the life—and complexities—of a great American writer into focus. As an additional feature, Cherkovski has written a new preface, “This Thing Upon Me Is Not Death: Reflections on the Centennial of Charles Bukowski”.

Coolidge & Cherkovski: In Conversation
Edited by Kyle Harvey
Introduction by Patrick James Dunagan
Forthcoming from Lithic Press 2020

Coolidge & Cherkovski listens in on an intimate conversation between two legendary American poets, Clark Coolidge and Neeli Cherkovski. Swapping personal stories and anecdotes, Coolidge and Cherkovski offer insight into a wide range of topics including the New York School, the San Francisco poetry scene of the 60s/70s/80s, the Language School, the Vancouver Poetry Conference, the Berkeley Poetry Conference, Allen Ginsberg, John Ashbery, Charles Olson, Bernadette Mayer, Philip Whalen, David Meltzer, Charles Bukowski, Gertrude Stein, Philip Whalen, William de Kooning, Philip Guston and more. Supplemental materials include Clark Coolidge’s Arrangement lecture from Naropa in 1977, as well as Neeli Cherkovski’s Random Poetics.

It’s Nice To Be With You Always: A Film About Neeli Cherkovski
Directed by Kyle Harvey
Premieres March 8th, 2020 at the Omaha Film Festival
48 min 31 sec

It’s Nice To Be With You Always blends together Cinéma-vérité style footage and conversations to create an intimate portrait of the poet Neeli Cherkovski. Imagine being dropped into the middle of a poem.

Film stills: